Step into the constant stream of researched knowledge in the Night of Science

The Night of Science will be organized next time on the 25th of January 2024. The block party for science and research consists of 47 science events around Helsinki. The Night of Science offers program in Finnish, Swedish and English. All of the events are free of charge.

In the Night of Science, science and research are exhibited in many different ways. Installation of researched knowledge will be built in Helsinki Central Library Oodi. In the Tiedetulva (Science flood) installation the participants will step into the continuous stream of published science. Topical scientific articles are projected around visitors, and the soundscape creates the feeling of a continuous avalanche of scientific information.

Think Corner offers multiple events during the Night. University of Helsinki's Department of Forest Sciences organizes an event there where the audience is able to feel the forest with different senses. Children get to see a flower glowing in ultraviolet light in a way a pollinator would see it. In addition participants can smell and touch mushrooms and watch short films.

In the crypt of the Helsinki Cathedral, scholars spark a debate about whether religious world views can be approached both scientifically and physically. Guided tours will guide the audience to use all of their senses while exploring the environment.

Ihmisiä hämärästi valaistussa tilassa.
Photo: Jaana Tihtonen.

Allegra Lab Helsinki celebrates its 10th anniversary in the Night of Science and organizes three events around Kallio. The events address provocative rhetoric on social media, misunderstandings, and sustainable dialogue.

"The polarized social debate needs to be examined. With our events, we want to bring science and art together to find possibilities of creating a dialogue," says Anni Hagelin from Allegra Lab Helsinki.

The program of the Night of Science has been created in cooperation with more than 70 scientific and cultural actors. The Federation of Finnish Learned Societies coordinates the cooperation and communications. The Night of Science is funded by the Kone Foundation. The event is part of The Year of Sivistys 2024.