Sign up as an event organizer of the Night of Science 2024

The Night of Science is a block party for science and research and is celebrated annually in Helsinki. The program is made by many different scientific and cultural organizations and actors. Signing up as an event organizer of the Night of Science 2024 has ended.

The next Night of Science takes place on Thursday the 25th of January 2024. The event organizers are free to plan any kind of events they want. In previous years, the Night of Science has included lectures, workshops, theater performances, guided tours, city games and exhibitions. We are looking for both urban and online events for the Night of Science 2024. Combinations of these two are also possible.

To be part of the Night of Science, the event must meet four conditions. The event organizers must sign up at the latest on the 20th of October 2023 and submit the program information at the latest on the 3rd of November 2023. The event must be free of charge and the program must be based on science.

Ihmisiä Helsingin kaupunginmuseon aulassa.

Photo: Jaana Tihtonen.

The event organizers are responsible for all matters related to their own events in the Night of Science (program, timetable, place, cost, etc.). The Federation of Finnish Learned Societies (TSV) that coordinates the Night of Science is responsible for compiling and publishing the program, as well as for communication and marketing of the Night.

TSV encourages event organizers to cooperate with each other. The event organizers’ meeting in September will be a place to discuss ideas and tentative plans for upcoming Night of Science. The invitation to the event will be sent to the event organizers' mailing list at the end of August.