From auroras to fat storage to algal blooms and Baltic sea fisheries: Research by postdocs

Virtual event
17.30 - 19.30

Postdocs are researchers, who have obtained their doctoral degree relatively recently and continue doing research aiming to become independent group leaders. In this on-site event, postdocs from Viikki and Kumpula campuses present their research projects regarding lipid droplets, Northern Lights, algal blooms and the rise of sticklebacks. Join us to hear about these scientific problems and possible solutions!


17.30: How fat is stored in our body? – A molecular perspective

Doctor Xavier Prasanna Anthony Raj shows, using computer models and simulations, how fat molecules are packed and stored in cells; and how “mistakes” in this process leads to disorders such as obesity.

18.00: Cyanobacteria blooms – Creating value from an environmental problem

Doctor Gayathri Murukesan tells how we can turn the environmental problem of algal blooms into economic value with a positive impact on the environment.

18.30: Dune aurora: A citizen science story

Doctor Maxime Grandin presents how a collaboration between polar night photographers and space physicists led to the study of a new auroral form.

19.00: The stickleback rise: A potential new fishery in the Baltic Sea

Doctor Dunja Jusufovski talks about how to sustainably and profitably harvest three-spined sticklebacks to reduce the excess of nutriens in the Baltic sea and help commercially important fish to recover.

Organizer: Viikki Postdoctoral Association (ViPA) and The Science Basement (TSB)