Molecular Clusters – Of Dance and Science

17.00 - 17.30
A310, 3. krs

The role of molecular clusters in the atmosphere through the formation of aerosol particles and clouds is an important puzzle piece in understanding the climate. As such it has occupied the research of Jakub Kubečka (Aarhus University), Ivo Neefjes (University of Helsinki), and Vitus Besel (University of Helsinki). In 2021, the three PhD students of atmospheric physics took it to the next level by winning the annual Dance Your PhD contest with a rap music video about their research.

The win has launched the students of University of Helsinki into the spotlight, with an interview in Science magazine and an invite to the 2051 Munich Climate Conference. At The Night of Science, we will hear how Jakub, Ivo and Vitus came up with the idea to communicate their research through music while having fun with friends, and accidentally ended up in the center of climate conversations.

Organizer: Professor Milica Todorović (University of Turku) and The Finnish Physical Society